Farkonas.net now live because… why not?

Can’t have a new spot on the Web without a post in it telling you all about it, now can you? Something along the lines of what coders/hackers call a “Hello World” message, announcing they’ve reached functional/takeover state of a system. Well, for Farkonas.net that post is this very post, so… “Hello World”!

What would be much harder to explain (or even decide…) is this website’s raison d’ etre as the French call it. The reason it exists. Why make it? Well, that is stupidly simple and simply stupid at the same time: I made it because the “one-page” websites for professionals are all the rage these days and I happen to like the concept… and because I owned the domain and did not feel like paying for it without doing anything with it anymore. So there!

Kidding aside, one-page websites are a cool way to find out basic stuff about a person quickly and easily (especially on mobile), plus Farkonas.com and Farkonas.gr are meant to be different sites in nature, so it kind of felt right to use Farkonas.net that way.

In any case… who knows? Maybe in the future – when there will be quite a few more Farkonas sites hopefully – the Farkonas.net one will function as a jumping-off point of sorts for all of them. Being the .net one, you see. One website to launch them all. Hey, there’s an idea!

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