The obligatory “Hello World” post

Can’t have a new presence on the Web without a post about it, right? Something along the lines of what coders call a “Hello World” message to signify that they’ve either reached functional state of a system or, well, hacked into a system to tell it what to do on a whim. For this post is kind of the former, so… “Hello World”. Didn’t even have to hack into anything, just do a bit of fast work.

These words are written a few nights after I decided to leave the company and newspaper that made me the journalist I am – Eleutherotypia, after 14 years no less – in order to move on.

I have no idea what to expect from my next pursuit at Liberis Publications – the job description does not even mention journalistic skills… who would have thought? – but hey. Leaping forward into the unknown seems, at this point, preferable to just helplessly witnessing a series of already disheartening events unfold and sticking around to watch the inevitable outcome.

Reporting will go on elsewhere, of course. But, for now, project management it is. Off to different things. Over and out.

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